The garnets constitute a group of minerals which share a common structure. Common end member compositions are:

Data Files

Series Text .SPC
Almandine-Grossular Series - Far Infrared  
Almandine-Grossular Series - Mid Infrared  
Almandine-Pyrope Series - Far Infrared  
Almandine-Pyrope Series - Mid Infrared  
Almandine-Spessartite Series - Far Infrared  
Almandine-Spessartite Series - Mid Infrared  
Pyrope-Grossular Series - Far Infrared  
Pyrope-Grossular Series - Mid Infrared  
Pyrope-Spessartite Series - Far Infrared  
Pyrope-Spessartite Series - Mid Infrared  
Spessartite-Grossular Series - Far Infrared  
Spessartite-Grossular Series - Mid Infrared  

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