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    Data from this site and new data collected at Caltech are now joined into a large composite database that combines the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database, numerous Raman spectra obtained at Arizona State University, and infrared spectra. This database has chemical analyses, X-ray diffraction parameters, Raman spectra, infrared spectra, and will ultimately have other types of data in a convenient, single database known as the: 

RRUFF project

The data collected at Caltech have been collected on two different systems.

1) Formerly, we used a Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. HoloProbe 785 Raman Spectrometer with a probe head from EIC Laboratories, Inc.   It operated in a continuous mode at 785 nm with a 190 mW output capacity. A variety of minerals were analyzed, choosing samples that ranged from transparent and highly polished to rough and dirty.  Depending on the quality of the sample, different scan times were needed.  Data were collected with unpolarized incident light; no polarization information was determined for the scattered light. 

2) We now use a Renishaw M1000 MicroRaman Spectrometer system with a choice of an argon ion laser (514.5 nm) or a solid state laser (785 nm). Excitation and collection is through a Leica optical microscope with objective lenses ranging from 5× to 100×.  The data obtained from this system in the tables below were obtained with a wedge depolarizer in the incident beam to nearly eliminate the effects of orientation and polarization.

Where noted, light is incident normal to face specified. Go here for further information on sample orientation. Some caution is necessary: some samples show narrow bands of fluorescence from rare-earth elements or broad bands of fluorescence from transition metal ions and other causes.

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    Diamond, Polystyrene, Sulfur

    List of minerals needed for the RRUFF project

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