Apatite Visible Spectra (350 - 1100 nm)

The origin of color in apatite, Ca5(PO4)3F, is often associated with the rare earth elements. Nd is often the most abundant rare earth element in apatite. Manganese is associated with the deep violet apatites. Many apatites owe part of their color to natural radiation induced color centers involving ions such as SiO3- (green) and SO3- (blue). 

Amber-yellow Apatite

These show prominent rare-earth lines in the spectrum

Green and Blue Apatites

Deep Blue Apatites

Pale Lavender Apatites

Pink Apatites

Compare these data to the data published by Gilinskaya & Mashkovtsev (1995)


Link to a collection of references to mostly color and visible spectroscopy of apatites

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