Alphabetical Mineral Listing for N

Updated 7/29/2019 by G.R. Rossman
 Neptunite Fe-Ti IVCT Mattson and Rossman (1988)
 Ni in minerals Manceau et al (1985)
  Manceau and Calas (1987)
  Rossman et al. (1981)
  Reddy and Lakshman (1975)
  Faye (1974)
  Lakshman and Reddy (1973a)
  Faye (1971b)
  Nussik (1969)
 Nontronite Fe3+ Sherman and Vergo (1988b)
  Bonnin et al. (1985)
  Singer (1982)
  Karickhoff and Bailey (1973)
  Cr3+ Calas et al. (1984)
 Norrishite Mn3+ Eggleton and Ashley (1989)