Index to Data Files on the Mineral Spectroscopy Server

Visible Spectra
Our extensive collection of single crystal transmission data in the 300 - 2500 nm range.  
 Infrared Spectra      (under development - several sections are ready now)

KBr pellet data in the 4000 - 200 cm-1 range.

OH-region single crystal data in the 4000 - 3000 cm-1 range.

Far-Infrared : Both ATR and Polyethylene pellet data are available.  

       ATR-IR data: Our numerous data files are now mostly available on the RRUFF website.
       Manganese oxides

External Databases

Reflectance data
Thermal Emission Spectra
Luminescence Data

Raman Spectra

Spectra of samples characterized at Caltech, often in conjunction with the Natural History Museum, Los Angeles County, but which have not been processed at Arizona are in a separate RAMAN DATABASE.

Much of our data are now part of the RRUFF project, a large composite database that combines the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database with thousands of Raman spectra obtained at Arizona State University. This database has chemical analyses, X-ray diffraction parameters, Raman spectra, and, infrared spectra from Caltech in a convenient, single database.

Mössbauer Spectra

You are invited to contribute data to our site

You can e-mail data to me.

Data presented on this site have been obtained, in part, through the support from research grants of the National Science Foundation (USA), the White Rose Foundation, and through the generosity of individuals throughout the world who are willing to share their data in a community resource.

Other Resources

For information on the crystal structure of many minerals go to the University of Colorado Mineral Structure Lab .

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last updated: 18-Jul-2023