Erongo Region



Lum et al. (2016) report that  pegmatites in the Erongo Volcanic Complex in central Namibia host a variety of spectacular minerals of interest to museums and collectors. Associated with beryl from this region is schorl, foitite and rossmanite. They presented several images of rossmanite present in inclusions in blue, green and colorless beryl from the Erongo Region.

rossmanite from Erongo
Rossmanite inclusions in colorless beryl from the Erongo Region.
Modified from Figure 4 of Lum et al. (2016)


Lum, JE, Viljoen F, Cairncross B, Frei D (2016) Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of BERYL (AQUAMARINE) from the Erongo Volcanic Complex, Namibia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 124, 104-125.


Updated: 31-Jul-2017