Eastern Siberia
Central Transbaikal
Malkhan Pegmatite Field 

Locality: A major series of pegmatites near the village Krasny Chikoy, Chitinskaya Oblast, Eastern Siberia, Russia.

Rossmanite was listed in a table in the Mineralogical Record article without further elaboration. Analyses of Malkhan tourmalines were presente by Falster and Simmons (2019).




Falster AU, Simmons WB (2019) Rubellite Chemistry. Mineral Monograph 20, 24-27.

 Kynicky J, Kynicky J, Lees B, Song W, Kotlanova M, Wagner G Person P (2019) The Malkhan Pegmatite District, Krasny Chikoy, Transbaikalia, Eastern SIberian Region , Russia. The Mineralogical Record 50(2), 245-324.

Revised 19-Oct-2019